Our newest experience is the Craft Beer Power Hour, for those of you who want to meet up and suss the independent Irish beer scene in Galway and beyond!

On the power hour, you’ll get everything you need to know to find the best independent Irish craft beer in the best pubs and bars of Galway.

The power hour is an intimate small group experience last anywhere between 60-90 minutes. We provide you a guide. You will leave with a Galway Tips Sheet (for beer, food, and other little gems we like to share) and a Brewery Sheet so you know what Breweries to try as you move around Galway. Most importantly you will know all the key themes of the Irish Craft Beer Scene.

If wanted we also want to make sure each guest leaves with a personalised list of suggestions and recommendations both for beer and for the rest of their time in Galway.

We would love to learn what you are interested in, too! This is a two way experience! We also love to hear about your beer scene back home.

You are welcome to purchase a drink (or few) to enjoy – we’ll help you choose. We havn’t included any alcohol in the price for this experience as we want you to have all the flexibility for our hour together.

By the end of the hour you will:

  • Have a brief overview of the current craft beer scene in Ireland. Why are there so few breweries to visit? Where are those flights? The tap rooms?
  • Know the local breweries and where to find them
  • Know where to drink and shop to enjoy the best beer possible for the rest of your stay
  • Know our recommendations for our favourite brewers across Ireland
  • Know about some of the styles
  • Nitrogen – we have Guinness to thank for this and you will learn why

This experience is offered daily and on-demand for group of 2+. We offer the power hour in three locations:

  • Power Hour – Eyre Square
  • Power Hour – West End
  • Power Hour – Salthill

Visit Book Now To See Our Current Craft Beer Power Hour happenings. Again we also offer the experience on demand for groups of 2+, so please get in touch! Day time availability can be arranged on demand.