Galway Craft Beer Tours was founded in 2018 by two beer loving residents of Galway. Since we started, we’ve guided over 120 tours of beer fans from all over the world.

Meet Katie & Elle.

Katie and Elle met by chance outside one of Galway’s most well known and loved pubs Tigh Neachtain. On a long road trip to visit Donegal in February 2018, a discussion about how wonderful the small independent beer scene was in Ireland and around Galway but how hidden it could be for visitors turned into the idea to form Galway Craft Beer Tours.

As much as we love the beer, it’s the amazing places we get to drink it and the people who make it happen that really make Galway special to us. Let us share our favourite parts of Galway with you.

Summer 2019 saw us hit tour 100. We are excited for 2020 and cannot wait for you to join us!

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